PT blog: Body Revolution, pt. 6

My PT client Tiina doesn’t take her daily meals seriously enough, and ends up paying the price once she has to train.  This following little write-up in Finnish is a good reminder of the importance of daily nutrition and the role that it plays in one’s results.  Take a gander:


PT blog: Body Revolution, pt. 5

Morning interval hell.  It’s not for everybody, which is exactly why everybody does not take to them nor bother putting up with the nuisance of doing them.

However, for those about to revolt against falling into the doldrums of poor health and lackluster fitness, intervals – especially in the mornings on an empty stomach – are the fast, natural track to fat loss.

Read about my trainee Tiina’s battle with morning interval hell here (in Finnish):


PT blog: Body Revolution, pt. 4

My personal training client Tiina encounters what nearly every serious trainee runs into sooner or later — puking at the gym, due to pushing one’s self to the limit.

Read it here in Finnish, and if you prefer, dig out your Google Translate:


PT blog: Body Revolution, part 3

Here I have a little tale about my personal training client Tiina’s setback of two weeks, due to severe throat infection and a bout with influenza.  It’s about starting the training program again from square one.  I am sure many of you out there can relate, so dig in and get that Google Translate out if you are not literate in Finnish:

tiina gym

PT blog: Body Revolution, part 2

Tiina juoksumatto

My personal training client Tiina runs into adversity early on in her 12-week training run.  The following blog is written in Finnish for Fit Forever Finland’s website, but just punch it into Google Translate or similar ;-)

Part two is here:–elama-on

PT blog: Body Revolution, part 1

At the Fit Forever Finland website, I have begun writing a blog about my personal training client Tiina, who has agreed to this personal chronicle of her trek to physical fitness.

Granted, the blog is in Finnish, so if you are literate in the language, check it out.  Otherwise, you can always amuse yourself by using Google Translate ;-)

Part one is here:

Tiina's before photo, weighing 77,5kg

Tiina’s before photo, weighing 77,5kg

Fit Forever Finland

Hey there, folks!  I work as a personal trainer at Fit Forever Finland, which can be found on the world-wide-web at

Michael Majalahti, personal trainer

Michael Majalahti, personal trainer

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